due to a shortage of manpower, we are currently unable to host tuning sessions. We are looking for someone with sufficient knowledge about tuning ski equipment to help run and oversee tuning sessions in exchange for free access to tuning equipment and supplies


Using funding from the Graduate Student Council, the Snowriders has purchased several thousand dollars worth of ski and snowboard tuning equipment for our members use. On special nights throughout the season, we hold special tuning sessions joint with the MIT Outing Club.

Tuning sessions will generally be held on *monday* evenings in W20-461, although sometimes they may be on other nights. Fee: $5. During these sessions you will be able to use the snowriders' tools to tune your own ride. A moderator will be present to answer questions you may have.

Once a session is posted, register on the riderboard. Then, bring your ride and $5. Spaces are limited.

It is critical that people who sign up for tuning sessions show up. Not only do no-shows waste the valuable time of the people organizing the tuning sessions, but this also prevents others from being able to attend. Thus, no-shows may be subsequently denied access to tuning sessions. If you must cancel, please be considerate enough to write to the moderator ahead of time, so that we can reopen the spot for others that may be interested.

If you are not familiar with proper tuning and tool-use procedures, PLEASE READ THE MANUAL BEFORE YOUR SESSION. Tuning skis or a snowboard can take over 4 hours. Reading the manual will make things easier for everyone involved.

Snowriders Tuning Manual

Watch our home page for tuning night announcements.

tuning equipment faq

how can i gain access to the tuning equipment?

we offer scheduled tuning nights where you can join other members in tuning your equipment.

can i borrow the tuning equipment and use it at home?

no. you can only use it at a scheduled tuning night.

will you teach me how to tune my skis/board?

at the tuning nights, experienced club members will be available to teach you how to tune your equipment.

will you tune my equipment for me?

no, you must do it yourself at a turning night.

are tuning nights free?

almost, you must pay $4 to cover the cost of wax and other consumables.

who can i contact with questions?

send an email to sr-tuning.