Snowriders was started in 2004 by a group of graduate students who love to ski and snowboard. The sole goal of the group is to get all members of the MIT community up to the mountains and on to the snow as frequently and cheaply as possible.

We are not an elite group and we encourage all ability levels to join. Many members have a lot of experience and are more than willing to help out novices.

In our first season, Snowriders sold over 100 season passes and conducted $10,000 in bus trip sales using our site's ecommerce functionality. We went on to win the 2004-2005 Graduate Program of the Year award from the MIT Activities Office for our community ski trips. During the 2005-2006 season, Snowriders conducted 11 successful bus trips to premier New England resorts, rented out a ski house for members near sunday river, organized the GSC Ski Trip and had several social events. We are planning an even better season for 2006-2007.

Membership and Benefits

Any MIT student, alum, faculty or staff member is welcome to join the MIT Snowriders at no cost. Joining the club gives you access to all the features our website has to offer, including:

  • the rider board
  • the forums
  • bus trip signups

In addition to our website, you'll have access to the other club resources, including:

  • discounted all east season passes
  • discounted lift tickets
  • low-traffic announcement email list
  • tuning equipment


Meetings and socials are typically held on or around the MIT campus and are announced on the home page as well as through the snowriders email list. They are informal gatherings that allow Snowriders to mingle year-round.


The current 2011-2012 officers are:

  • PRESIDENT : azriel ghadooshahy
  • VICE-PRES : position open
  • WEBMASTER-TREASURER : position open
  • TUNING CHAIR: Chad Van Gundy

The 2009-2010 officers were:

  • PRESIDENT : josh bialkowski
  • VICE-PRES : azriel ghadooshahy
  • TREASURER : eehern wong
  • TUNING : shinji tanaka
  • GSC TRIP COORDINATOR: tanguy chau and kirki kofiani
  • WEB : eehern wong

The 2008-2009 officers were:

  • PRESIDENT : shan wu
  • VICE-PRES : marcus dahlem
  • TREASURER : leon li
  • TUNING : shinji tanaka
  • SOCIAL : aimee beasley
  • GSC TRIP COORDINATOR: tanguy chau
  • WEB : leon li

The 2007-2008 officers were:

  • PRESIDENT : peter pflanz
  • TREASURER : alice zhou
  • TUNING : jeff chambers
  • WEB : leon li

The 2006-2007 officers were:

  • PRESIDENT : daniel massimini
  • VICE-PRES : dan kluk
  • TREASURER : james apgar
  • TUNING : jerimy arnold
  • SOCIAL : laura waller
  • WEB : gevorg grigoryan

The 2005-2006 officers were:

  • PRESIDENT : nici ames
  • VICE-PRES : craig forest
  • TREASURER : florian ederer
  • SECRETARY : josh levinger

The 2004-2005 officers were:

  • PRESIDENT : joe acar
  • TREASURER : devin mccombie
  • SECRETARY : nici ames